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Redshift Productions is Proud to Present Phallacy

by Carl Djerassi
Directed by Elena Araoz
Starring Lisa Harrow, Simon Jones, Vince Nappo, and Carrie Heitman

Phallacy is playing for a limited engagement!

Previews: May 15 - 17
Performances :May 18  - June 10
at The Cherry Lane Theatre
38 Commerce Street, New York, NY

Tickets: $35

Purcase tickets for Phallacy here or by calling 212-239-6200 or 800-432-7250

She’s a top art historian in a world famous museum.  He’s a distinguished professor of chemistry. She searches for artistic truth through connoisseurship; he finds scientific fact through cold material analysis.  Between them stands the object of her affection: a revered classical statue long thought to be a roman original…and he just proved it to be a 16th century cast.  As personal rivalries and professional reputations clash, how far will each go to prove the other wrong?

Praise for the London Production:

"Phallacy is an intriguing play…fast moving and embracing a host of questions and human situations that are rarely touched upon in modern theatre….” -Robin Clark, Nature

“A satirical black comedy about academic infighting… a happily satisfying mix of broad humour and thought-provoking comment.” -Gerald Berkowitz, Theatreguide London

Praise for Phallacy

From The New Yorker

"The director, Elena Araoz, keeps the proceedings lively, never allowing intellectuality to stand in the way of a good joke. There’s even a touch of animate-inanimate eroticism. And credit Katy Tucker with some amazing costume changes achieved by light projection." From Goings on About Town, May 28, 2007.

From The New York Times

"Mr. Djerassi has the ingredients for some funny stuff here, and when he seizes the opportunity...the jokes land."

"Mr. excellent."

Phallacy: Sometimes a Statue is just a Statue

"In Mr. Djerassi’s capable hands, the conflict between science and art and truth and beauty has rarely been this engaging. Or, indeed, funny...If you enjoy witty academic banter, philosophy or great art, this is the show for you." -Duncan Pflaster, Read the full review!

The Events That Inspired Phallacy

In 1983 the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna, Austria launched a research project intended to resolve issues pertaining to the techniques employed in shaping and casting the museum’s prized sculpture, "Youth from the Magdalensberg.” The bronze statue, the jewel of the antiquities collection, was the object in question. Using cutting edge chemical analysis, the scientists’ results sent a shockwave through the museum: the statue is not an antique original but rather a cast copy from the 16th century. More...

About Carl Djerassi

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Stanford University, he is one of the few American scientists to have been awarded both the National Medal of Science (for the first synthesis of a steroid oral contraceptive--”the Pill”) and the National Medal of Technology (for promoting new approaches to insect control). For the past 18 years, he has turned to fiction writing, mostly in the genre of “science-in-fiction,” whereby he illustrates, in the guise of realistic fiction, the human side of scientists and the personal conflicts faced by scientists in their quest for scientific knowledge, personal recognition, and financial rewards.

This picture is the front of an Austrian stamp honoring Carl Djerassi.

Visit Carl Djerassi's website to learn more about his work.