Upcoming Workshops & Programs


In the summer of 2010, Redshift partnered with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation – Finger Lakes Region to conduct the educational program EcoTales.  EcoTales was a multiweek program in which children visiting Sampson State Park would learn about invasive species, create fables about invasive species and the environment, and then perform their fables for their parents and other campers.

Children performing their fables for their parents

Children doing acting "warm-ups" before they create their scripts

NISEnet Annual Meeting 2009

While in development for Dance of Scales, Redshift attended the 2009 Annual Meeting of NISEnet (Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network) in San Francisco, CA to premiere a scene from Dance of Scales, and to facilitate our workshop in how to communicate scientific concepts through movement and a workshop in developing activities that allow science communicators to think about their work in new ways.

Maren Waldman and Itai Cohen in Dance of Scales at NISEnet 2009. Photo by Emily Maletz.

Workshop participants at NISEnet 2009. Photo by Emily Maletz.

Inherited Reading at Darwin Days 2009

At the Museum of the Earth’s 2009 Darwin Days celebration, Redshift held a reading of scenes from Inherited, by Max Evjen and Megan Halpern.  Inherited is a work in progress about a high school science teacher’s experience in refusing to teach new science standards implemented by a school board seeking to include intelligent design into the science curriculum.

Cornell Center for Life Sciences Enterprise

In May of 2008 Redshift conducted a workshop for Cornell University’s Center for Life Sciences Enterprise Public Engagement and Science Communication Symposium.  The 2008 workshop was the creation of a surprise performance of the improvisation game “Powerpoint” (a game developed during the creation of Redshift’s Happy Hour at the Event Horizon) featuring Nobel Laureate Dr. Roald Hoffmann, Max Evjen, Joseph “Jofish” Kaye, and Holly Adams.

Watch the surprise performance from the 2008 Public Engagement and Science Communication Symposium!